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 Post subject: interview of Baxter
PostPosted: Thu Jan 06, 2011 10:01 pm 
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Question 1: When did you join GoD?
december 02 2010 as recruit.
Question 2: What exactly were your reasons to join GoD?
i knew a lot of people in the clan and were friends with them.i also sought to improve my skill and make new friends.
Question 3: Did you entered GoD as recruit or did you get voted in as full member?
i was voted in as recruit.
Question 4 a: Did you ever leave GoD?nopes Why?
Question 4 b: If so, why did you return?
Question 5 a: What can you say about your clan? If you could rate it with a number from 1-15, how would you rate it? (1 is very bad; 15 is very good)
i would say maybe 13.the only thing i would like to see is more activity from older guys :).
Question 5 b: Tell us more about your 'rating'! How do you feel about your clan? What do you really like/dislike?not much to dislike.i like the way evry1 knows eachotehr and are riends within clan.
Question 6: Do you find there's anything which could be better in GoD? If so, why and what?
as i said i'd like to meet sum of the older players.
Question 7: Did you learned something through your time in GoD? (Not meant only skill wise)
i hav been training and practicing 1v1s so i think i have improved quite a bit.
Question 8: What do you think about GoD's members? Any people you really like/dislike?
i like all members,very friendly people although i have never met any of the older people :P
Question 9: What do you think about the admins of GoD? Do they do a good job in your eyes?
yes the forum seems to be neat and tidy well designed.
Question 10: How do you find GoD's community?
i love the way evry1 are friends :)
Question 11: Are GoD games the same as any other game for you or do they mean more/less fun for you?
i have only done 1 or 2 god games but i find them to be more competitive in some cases but at the same time not as pressured.

Part 2: Questions about Populous

Question 12: When did you start playing pop in singleplayer? i started pop sp when i was about 9.it was my favourite game ever and i wouldnt stop playing it.but then i broke the cd and i never played it until i bought it again on amazon,little did i know i could hav dled it for free :P
Multiplayer?i started multiplayer in start of may and i was diabolicol :x.but in time i started to improve,practice makes perfect :)
Question 13: What exactly fascinates you so on Populous? Why do you prefer playing pop instead of other games?i really love the game for its entertainment but i also love the community,everyone knows eachother and in a way there is a set hierarchy although some people are absolute c*nts.
Question 14: What's your favorite tribe at Pop?... any Why?im diverse that way
Question 15: What's your favorite level at Populous multi?i'd say narrow passage Why?it owns with bd and great mana :P

Part 3: Questions about the pop:re community (except GoD)

Question 16: What do you think about the pop:re community in general?i like the way people know eachother as i said....
Question 17: Are there any persons you really love/hate?yes there are a load of good friends on popre.
Question 18: What's your opinion on the pop:re staff? Do they do a good job in your eyes?meh i dont really care what they do as long as i can play,i like the override thing and rotate tribes they are cool.
Question 19: would like to have more tourneys/ clanmatches?well im not in the 1 going on now as i just joined but a clan match would be fun :)
Question 20: Which is you favorite mappack?i dont really have faves :p.i like fates asg's and tb

Part 4: Questions about Other clans:

Question 21: What's the strongest clan in your eyes?couldnt tell ya Why?
Question 22: What's the weakest clan in your eyes?well most of the brand new ones like dbd which i didnt even know about.qm and ua
Question 23: Any other clans you favor/ dislike a lot? i like tdm guys
Question 24: Do you miss any clans which died?lol i used be in lg but that was the second joke lg led by shao :P that was really a joke.
Question 25: Are there any other clans which you were part of once?lg md for 2 days i think,didnt like it.
Question 26: Do you find the relation between clans should be more peaceful/ non peaceful? cans should be friendly but at the same time hav 1 or 2 uiltimate rivals >:)

Part 5: Questions about you:

Question 27: What's your real name?names Ian
Question 28: How old are you?15 What's your date of birth?24/04/95
Question 29: Are you going to school/studying?yes [If you go to school]: What's your favorite case? [If you study]: What do you study?i hav just started but i study physics chemistry applied maths(not for a few months different course) and on the side i do classical studies
Question 30: In which country do you live?Ireland
Question 31: What's your favorite book?the iliad
Question 32: Your favorite movie?emmm,hard to think of :p,i liked misery
Question 33: What do you admire?emm?
Question 34: What's your dream partner?emm?
Question 35: Your favorite kind of music?i like anything cept country and rap
Question 36: What do you like to eat?steak ftw,medium rare,bitta salt,bitta pepper.nice
Question 37: What's your favorite drink?soco
Question 38: What's your favorite type of sport?i dont watch sport but i do a little boxing.
Question 39: Favorite place for a holiday?my family goes to dif places most years.last year we went to poland for a week and a half and then prague for a week and a half good fun.
Question 40: What's your favorite time of day?6:25
Question 41: What's the most strange ownership you do have?i have a smalle eskimo child in my bedroom.
Question 42: What do you like at yourself?i love my entire being ;)
Question 43: Is there any lucky number for you?625
Question 44: What's your favorite color? vermillion
Question 45: Bad abilities of your personality?i contradict people to often
Question 46: Good abilities of your personality?i am friendly :o?idk
Question 47: What do you detest?scientologists with their surveys and stuff
Question 48: What do you love?people who murder scientologists

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