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Mine and Dashes Stories Featuring Shao.
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Author:  Tundar [ Mon Feb 12, 2007 10:08 am ]
Post subject:  Mine and Dashes Stories Featuring Shao.


One day in Mushroom kingdom [AssG]Menstits got bored so he joined the populous lobby.

[AssG]Menstits> hi all

[AssG]Link52> Hey menstits guess what?

[AssG]Menstits> what? Let me guess, you fingerd Zelda?

[AssG]Link52> No better, I had a battle with gannondorf. Well I ran away before I got to his Castle But I heard a big raor!

[AssG]Menstits> :o Ashgaurd are the best :D

*[RVN]RandoMister Entres Lobby*

[RVN]RandoMister> Hey AssG Your all Ass whipes :D

Xeno> whats this! AssG are starting on you Rando!?

[AssG]RagnBoo> no we just had fun at Disneyland  *yulps like lost puppy*

[AssG]100StoneWarrio> Its true we had a great time, we never went on any rides though too scary.

[AcM]Rapid> hi all

Xeno> who gives two flying fucks *sends pin missile at RagnBoo*

[AssG]F_Zero> Leave him alone he is puny and weak Take this Falco Punch!

[PoP]Jake99> …

Genesis> …

Joe> …

Dash> …

[AcM]Rapid> anyone playing?

[AssG]YoshiSaurus> you people I got a new pink nano ipod With hello kitty stickers! :D

Jake99> Gimme dat Ipod *snatches*

[AssG]YoshiSaurus> ok please don’t hurt me *cries like little girl*

Jake99> people like you don’t deserve things like that

[AssG]Mario_JJ> why aint we?

Gabber> because your AssG…

Inca> because your Assg..

Gabber>Wtfux Inca Your So fired, stop copying me>.<shit> because your assg..

[ACM]Rapid> I want to play a game now, any takers?

[AssG]Link52> don’t make my use my hook shot! *uses hook shot*
shit give me that

Adz> you dumb shit, that hook shot is plastic.

[AssG]Link52> yeah well, it looks good and it cost me a tenner!

Adz> you got robed you skanky shit.

[AcM]Rapid> fuck this im going into a single player game.

Xeno> you muppet 100stone

[AssG]100StoneWarrio> HOW DARE YOU! *says in the voice of Peter key from max and paddy* I challenge you to a duel!

Xeno> bring it!

[AssG]100StoneWarrio> YU GI OH!

Xeno> wtfux you muppet, that’s not the duel I ment. *flicks YU GI OH cards onto floor*

[AssG]100StoneWarrio> Omg I had Exodia in that *cries like big girls blouse*

Jake99> :o I can sell them on ebay *steals cards*

Genesis> 100stone yer maw!

Wally> Wow they are running like T3H sh1ts

[AssG]F_Zero out

[AssG]RagnBoo out

[AssG]Link52 out

[AssG]100StoneWarrio out

[AssG]YoshiSaurus out

[AssG]Menstits out

[AssG]Mario_JJ> uhm peace?

Jake99> nope

Alcan> bah you’re an AssG no mercy!

[AssG]Mario_JJ> eek

[AssG]Mario_JJ out

[AcM]Rapid> hey the computer beat me on level 3 

Author:  Ric [ Mon Feb 12, 2007 2:07 pm ]
Post subject: 

[AcM]Rapid> hey the computer beat me on level 3

Huh huh *cough*
excuse me? rofl

Author:  Tundar [ Mon Feb 12, 2007 3:44 pm ]
Post subject: 

:D These where from like a year ago.

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