Gods Of Destruction

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Author:  Shao [ Fri Jan 12, 2007 11:39 pm ]
Post subject:  Issue#8

Yay I've found issue # 8!

Can't find issue 7 though, dunno where it is ;o

// Narrator Speaking
\\ Narrator Ending

Issue # 7 AsG Aftermath!

Unfortunately, the cover of this magazine has been torn apart..... Enjoy anyway

// IT was a warm day when 100 Cent felt crazy as usual and logged into the mm \\

[Assg] 100 Cent> D00ds iz teh shiit! * logs into pop hood *

[Assg] Sub Dogg> Aight cents here!

[Assg] 100 Cent> aaargh! * trips over mic * Hating this!

[Assg] Boydioo> Dogg listen to ma song! wotcha think bout it?

// Suddenly Terato butts in \\

r-UsHeR> Cae up! Assguards down!

// Hehe that pwns, let us hear it again... \\

r-UsHeR> Cae up! Assguards down!

Dr Dash> Thats ryte!

TheGabber> Omg who of you niggas has stolen my weed !!

ShaggyXeno> It wasn't me!

// It was Sub Dogg who had stolen the weed! As a distraction, Boydioo started to prepare himself for singing a song \\

Billy> Hey Boydioo is AsG he sux! They can't sing! They can't play pop! They can't get a girl! LooooooooooooL!

Plos> Ooh I'd love to comfort them! * giggles *

[Assg] Boydioo> Shut up pancies listen to ma song its called: Bummers Paradise! Specially made for Asg!

[Assg] 100 Cent> I got a new one too! lemme hear urs first * laughs like a girl *

[Assg] Boydioo> Oh dear here I go! * sings:

As I talk in this lobby to all Assguard Fags
I take a look at my life and realize I'got no friends left...
Cuz I've been gay and got insulted for so long
Now also my mum thinks my pride has gone
But I aint never bummed a man that didnt deserve it
He be treated like a junk, you know that hairy bum up
Im the kinda Gay the little [AssG] homies wannabe like
On my knees in the night.....
Getting bummed beneath the red street light... !! *

[Assg] 100 Cent> W00wzor nice! now lemme sing! Song is called: Ass Shopper! * sings:

Aaaaaahhh.... Your ass feels so much better than your tits!
So much better.....

Dr Dash> OK STOP IT! Been enough now...

// Just after Dash had said these words, Snak entered the lobby \\

Snak> Hey all!

Dr Dash> Got enough of all this Assg shit! * Zidanes 100 Cent *

[Assg] 100 Cent> Nooohoooooo

Rantoo> lemme get 'em too! * Slaps Snak with stiffy *

Dr Dash> Hey how come you got a stiffy!

Rantoo> Well uhmm... forget it ok? Its going down anyway...

TheGabber> Ha he wanked himself? * acts like master brain *

Snak> Hey all!

// Still Sub Dogg and Boydioo were there, spoiling the pop hood! \\

Dr Dash> Rantoo! lets zidane them?

Rantoo> Ah cmon, we've been zidaning peeps for long time now, shall we Rooney them for this time?

Dr Dash> Aight! * Roonies Boydioo *

[Assg]Boydioo> Hahahaaahahhaa that doesn't work I aint'got ballzz!

[Assg]Sub Dogg> Wtfuxx and you never told me? I don't want to continue our relation then!

Fat dude> I may look like genesis, but you guys are gay!

Rantoo> Look, they're making a run for it! To the invisible Rap Mobile!

Dr Dash> Wtf there’s a scratch on it!

Nagulese> Why u all got rappers names and how come u scratched the invisible Rap mobile! * nag nag nag! *

Snak> Hi all! * again *

// While Sub Dogg and Boydioo were being chased, we take a look in Yekralc's shower \\

Yekralc> Damn! Still only 3 inches of hard dick!

// Back to the chase ! \\

Dr Dash> You jump out of the car and punch Sub Dogg out! I'll use my carmageddon skills to run over Boydioo!

Sub Dogg> Damn, do they hate us cuz we're Assg?

Boydioo> Duuuuuh.... watch out!!

Rantoo> * Punches Sub Dogg out * Ha! eat that prick, I knew I could do it!

Snak> Hello all ????

// Only Boydioo was left but the rap mobile wasn’t fast enough to get at him cuz dozens of XXL bra’s were stored in the back \\

Rantoo> I just won’t give up on those bra’s!

// Then good fortune helped our dear heroes \\

Bodyioo * trips over bug * Hating this!!

Dr Dash> * Runs over Boydioo * Muhahahaaa...

Rantoo> We did it! * high fives *

Dr Dash> Yehh... those gays ran like girls but hey, we did well...

TheGabber> Where the fuck is my weed? * threatens to crash server *

Why is Gabber that pissed? Will he crash the server? Find out in a new upcoming issue story!

Author:  sponge [ Wed Jan 17, 2007 9:17 pm ]
Post subject: 

lol ok...

Author:  MadMan [ Sun Jan 21, 2007 1:11 pm ]
Post subject: 

lol their getting worse every issue ^^

Author:  Tundar [ Mon Jan 29, 2007 9:53 am ]
Post subject: 

Just replying to see if my signiture is working or not

Author:  Tundar [ Mon Jan 29, 2007 9:54 am ]
Post subject: 

Just replying to see if my signiture is working or not.
Also, i got some of them issues on my pc, want them? i got like 30 or so me shao and dash made em ages ago.

Author:  Zeyta [ Mon Jan 29, 2007 10:05 am ]
Post subject: 

submit them if you would like ;)

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