Gods Of Destruction

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Author:  Shao [ Fri Jan 12, 2007 11:37 pm ]
Post subject:  Issue#7

The return of Dash the barbarian!

// Hey nubs, I think its time to tell the last story of Dash the barbarian! \\

// One day, Rando picked up a magic book that can make stories come to life. He open the book but before doing so he flexed his muscles :D.
Ok anyway let’s start the story..\\

// Once upon a time, Dash the barbarian and his trusty sidekicks Nagulese and Turbmodious were traveling to see…uh….Dash’s girlfriend, IrmaNub! \\

Dash> I hope IrmaNub will like the XXL bra present I bought here. It cost me fiddy two pence and a mini shaver.

Turbmodious> Ofcourse she’ll love it! I love mine! *wobbles XXL tits*

Nagulese> You shouldn’t have boobs! And you should work out more like rando does! NAG! NAG! NAG!

Dash> Hey what’s that over there?

// But before Turbmodious could see what dash was pointing to…he tripped over a bug! AHAHAH! \\

Turbmodious> *trips over bug* Hating this!

// HAHA! This is classic, let us read that part again…Turbmodious tripped over a bug! \\

Turbmodious> *trips over bug* ahhhhhh!.................Hating this!

Dash> Crikey! It’s the assguard leader, Sub Nerdo!

// Incase you didn’t know already Sub Nerdo is The populous player named Sub Zero…who is a nerd……with GLASSES!!! \\

Nagulese> You best watch out sport, he can use magic powers of nerdining!

Turbmodious> ah! We should run while we live! *runs away*

Sub Nerdo> No you don’t! ahahaha! *casts magic which teleports bug infront of Turbmodious*

Turbmodious> aahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! *trips over bug* Hating this!

Dash> What evil plot do you have now Sub Nerdo?!

Sub Nerdo> Nothing much, just need a few people to rim job us assguards!

Dash> Ha! I’ll never rim job you or anyone for that matter…except IrmaNUB!

Sub Nerdo> I thought you’d say that so I kidnapped her! Ahahahahah!

Dash> NOOOOOOOOOOOOO! *equips shaver* You’ll pay for this!

Sub Nerdo> *equips nerd glasses x2* We shall see! *jumps into air combat*

// So they both jumped into mid air for a battle, but the battle froze and did a 360 like on the matrix, then unfroze and Dash shaved Sub Nerdo’s bum! \\

Dash> fwahahahah *shaves bum*

Sub Nerdo> ahhhh! My precious bum that I like to let 100th touch all over!

Dash> You really are disgusting….nerd style!

Turbmodious> Its my time to shine! *jumps ass first into Sub Nerdo*

Sub Nerdo> ahhhhh! Your muscular body that resembles Rando is too much for my weak, puny and nerdy body! *dies*

Turbmodious> Yay! I won for once!

Dash> Nice, but lets go get my girl friend…I bet 100th is forcing her to watch him and fury go at it anal style!!!

// Little did dash know, he was right.. \\

100th> Ohh yeah fury! Put it in there harder! I’m emo, I can take it up the ass!

Fury> Yes sir! *fucks 100th up his emo ass*

Fury> This is better than girls…then again I never fucked any girls, only you and Sub Nerdo..

100th> Duh, we fags know what bum and cock is!

// Suddenly the heroes……and Turbmodious….\\

Turbmodious> HEY!

// bust into 100th secret gay lair! \\

Dash> Alright 100th, where is IrmaNub?!

100th> I’ll never tell! Only if you can beat me in a game of….Yu Gay Hoe!

// hahaha….what a fag… \\

Storm> *walks in* hey guys….OMFG! 100th you said it was my turn today!

100th> Hey storm, long time no bum eh?

Storm> OMFGZZZZ!!! Fury I’m gunna pwn you on pp!

Fury> Oh yeah???

Storm> Yeah!

// So storm and fury played pp, got bored and slept together…fucking fags these days.. \\

Dash> You’re on 100th! I choose Dark Slaygicain! His powers include 2nd degree bum shaving and the beard of justice!

100th> impressive but I am combining my Sub Nerdo card with Assguard’s protection to create [AssGaurd]Sub Nerdo! Hehehehehehehe.. *nerdy laugh*

Dash> argh! My Dark Slaygicain cant use his 2nd degree bum shaving while he has assguard defence…I’ll need to combine my Dash the barbarian card which contains 1st degree bum shaving with my Rando card which also has 1st degree bum shaving to create….BlackRando The Barbamiser, who has the special ability to shave THROUGH assguard armor!

100th> No! It cant be!

Dash: Now Blackrando The Barbamiser! Ultimate 1st degree bum shave!!!!!

BlackRando: FWAAAH! *shaves bum!*

100th> nooooooooooo! *dies*

Dash> haha finally…

// So Dash killed his arch-nemesis 100th and released his girlfriend from the cage of orgasms.. \\

Dash> Hey IrmaNub!

IrmaNub> OMG! Put me back in there!

Dash> wtfux? Fuck you, I’m going in there!

Nagulese> You shouldnt go in there….NAG! NAG! NAG!

Dash> Holy fux! *orgasms*

// So Dash lived happily ever after orgasming every day without his girlfriend because she dumped him because the XXL bra didn’t fit her…I love a happy ending! \\

Author:  Gay word [ Thu Dec 11, 2008 4:44 pm ]
Post subject:  sJUZIHamGTcVx

Gay word
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Author:  BlackrideR [ Thu Dec 11, 2008 7:05 pm ]
Post subject: 

Points and Laughs

:lol: :lol: :lol:

Author:  Boulawkuj [ Fri May 14, 2010 11:58 am ]
Post subject:  Each repetition, and loved why that their forests stumble.

lolcats - Abstract

Author:  Abstract [ Tue May 18, 2010 6:42 pm ]
Post subject: 

It tickles me that someone made the post above on evey page which on one will click and I just delete them all in one fell swoop! what is the point of making them?

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