Gods Of Destruction

Issue #3
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Author:  Shao [ Fri Jan 12, 2007 11:35 pm ]
Post subject:  Issue #3

// Narrator Speaking
\\ Narrator Ending

Issue #3
The Wizard Of Pop!

// Once upon a time in Kanses, there was a little girl named Plosmephere who went to the woods to pick some fruit with her little annoying dog Rapid \\

Plosmephere> la la la! Lots of fruit here eh Rapid?
Rapid> looooooooool!
Plosmephere> ohh! I feel parched, maybe I can rest in the cottage over there?

// So plosmephere went inside the cottage only to find 3 bowls of porridge on the table \\

Plosmephere> mmm porridge! *tries first porridge* Yuk! This ones too hot! *tries second one* eww! This one is too cold! *tries third one* mm this one is just right!

// Suddenly 3 angry bears walk in! \\

ShyGuy> Hey! Someone’s been nibbling at my porridge!

VoodooChild> Someone’s been nibbling at mine too!

Cakes> Someone’s eaten mine and is standing next to me!

Plosmephere> oh I’m sorry! I didn’t know it was yours!

ShyGuy> I think you need to be punished!

VoodooChild> Allow me! *chants*

Plosmephere> ahhhh!

// So, Voodoochild sent plosmephere and his annoying dog Rapid to a magical and strange place! \\

Plosmephere> Where am I? And who have I squashed??

Rapid> loooooooool!
Plosmephere> Wow! These red knickers are lovely *chavs* and comfortable!

Rapid> loool??

Plosmephere> oh dear! Granny will be worried if I don’t get home! How will I get home?!

// Suddenly a little fairy named…..Keith appeared! \\

Kieth52> Hi plosmephere! I am your fairy godmother! I’m here to help you!

Plosmephere> But don’t you only help people who have problems with their beef?

Keith52> uh? No…anyway you want to get home yes? Just follow the yellow brick road and talk to the Wizard Of Pop!

Plosmephere> Ok! Come Rapid!

// So Plosmephere set off to the Wizard only to be stopped by a lion! \\

Plosmephere> I’m off to see the wizard, the wonderful wizard of pop!

Xenolith> Rawr! Raaa raaa raa!

Plosmephere> hmm?

Xenolith> you mean I’m not scary?

Rapid> looooooooool!

Plosmephere> nope! But I bet the wizard can make you scary!

Xenolith> Oh! I’ll tag along then!

Plos + Xeno> We’re off to see the wizard, the wonderful wizard of Pop!

// Soon Plos and Xeno arrive at the wizard’s palace… \\

Zidane> None may pass without the official Headbutt!

Plosmephere> wtf is that?

Zidane> I’m glad you asked! *Zidanes* you may see him now..

Plosmephere> ouch!

Rapid> looooool!

Xenolith> right! That fucking Portuguese dog has pissed me off enough! *shoots*

// So plosmephere and Xenolith nenter the wizard’s chamber \\

Plosmephere> oh great wizard help me get back home!

Dash> Why should I help you….?

Xenolith> and make me scarier too!

Dash> Me and my big head of wisdom shall not waste time on you!

Plosmephere> but but!

Dash> ENOUGH! If you aint dutch! Then you aint much!

Xenolith> huh? Curtains! *pulls*

// Xenolith finds dash touching himself \\

Dash> gah! Damn it you found me! *pulls pants back up*

Plosmephere> wanking eh? I wont tell anyone about it if you help me get back home?

Dash> gah fine! All you have to do is cum on them red knickers 3 times and say ‘theres nothing like wanking, theres nothing like wanking, theres nothing like wanking!’

Plosmephere> ok *wanks and cums on red knickers* theres nothing like wanking, theres nothing like wanking, theres nothing like wanking!

// Suddenly Plos is teleported home \\

Xenolith> what about me I wanted to be scarier?!

Dash> *trips over bug* gah! Ok *casts volc on xenolith*

// Xenolith was transformed into a DV!!! (Diner Vagina) \\

Xenolith> Hurrah!

Dash> Zidane, show mr xenolith out!

Zidane> haaaaaaa! *zidanes xenolith*

Dash> time to play populous! *logs on*

Shao> hey dash!

Dash> Shao! Where’s Issue 3???

Shao> You’re reading it right now!

Dash> Gah?! This one sucks!

Shao> aye it does! I couldn’t think of a good storyline! But Issue #4 will kick arse!

Dash> does it have me in it?

Shao> ya

Dash> :)

Shao> :P

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