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 Post subject: Issue #5
PostPosted: Fri Jan 12, 2007 11:36 pm 
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// Narrator Speaking
\\ Narrator Ending

Dash The ‘Retired’ Barbarian – Part 1

// The legendary barbarian Dash has retired, but little did he know Shao has made another episode with him in it! \\

Dash> *wakes up* ahhhh! Oh Nurse! Time for my morning wank!

Nurse> Is it that time already?

Dash> *nods*

Nurse> Do I have to?

Dash> *nod turns into head butt*

Nurse> Ouch! Ok ok! *wanks dash off*

Dash> gd gd, now for my morning stroll..ahh! What has happened to the park?

Nurse> *wipes cum* didn’t you know? They are making it into a pokemon center.

Dash> screw pokemon! This looks like a job for..Dash The Barbarian!


Dash> To the Invisible Boat Mobile! *runs to garage*

Dash> *jumps in* Gah? Is that a scratch?!

// Shao wonders how an INVISBLE boat mobile can get a scratch on it.. \\

Dash> *tucks in flab and puts seatbelt on* hmm, I don’t think I can do this alone..THAT’S IT! My old sidekicks will help me!

// So dash went to his sidekick’s retirement home.. \\

Turbmodious> Hey its dash *gets up to greet*

// But before he could get to dash, Turbmodious..Tripped over a bug! \\

Turbmodious> ahh! *trips over bug* Hating this!

Nagulese> Can’t you do anything right? Bugs don’t appear everywhere you know! Nag Nag Nag!

Dash> Nagulese, Turbmodious! I need your help to stop the park being turned into a…POKEMON CENTER *echo*

Turbmodious> gasp!

Nagulese> sure we’ll help! *tucks in old flabby boobs* lets go!

// So Dash, Turbmodious and Nagulese set off to the park! \\

Dash> Alright! Who is responsible for this???

Professor Cakes> I am..

Dash> How dare you replace my park for a pokemon center! It’s outrageous!

Professor Cakes> I can do what I like, I have the deed to the park and there nothing you can do about it!

Dash> oh really?!

Professor Cakes> yes really!

// Professor Cakes uses his mind to teleport dash, Turbmodious and Nagulese back to the retirement home \\

Dash> I cant believe he’s going to get away with this..

Turbmodious> I have good news and bad news!

Dash> Whats the good news?

Turbamodious> I named my dollar Phillip!

Dash> and the bad news..?

Turbmodious> It’s a girl dollar!

Nagulese> dollars don’t have a gender! And you can’t give them names! Nag! Nag! Nag! *snatches dollar*

Turbmodious> PHILLIP!!! NOOOOOOO!

Dash> There’s gotta be a way to stop Professor Cakes…But how..?

// Will dash ever find a way to stop Professor Cakes? And will Turbmodious ever be reunited with Phillip again? Find out in the next episode of Dash The ‘Retired’ Barbarian!

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